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Ram Rawat

Ivana Bosnjak

Momen Khaiti

Hi, it’s Ram, Ivana and Momen here, one last time…

CPA Drill is going to help you make money online using the fastest and simplest strategy around in 2018, by marrying up traffic on demand and ‘can’t fail’ CPA offers for instant $105.60+ pay days in less than 24 hours…

BUT, we’ve noticed a common problem with many people who buy courses:

“Over 95% of people who try to make money online fail”

Why? Is it because the gurus have some sort of magic touch? Are they more intelligent? NO! Trust me, they are as normal and fallible as you are.

No, the ONLY difference between you and them is that they have found a way to cut out overwhelm and confusion, and surround themselves with like-minded people so they always have someone to ask for advice.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re not smart enough, or well ‘connected’ enough to make the kind of money you dream of online.

It’s not about being intelligent, or being ‘on the inside’ – it’s about becoming laser focused in what works, taking consistent action, and having a great support network.

Many People will buy course after course, and never take any real action! Why?

The worst part is, when they tell their friends and family they are going into online marketing, they get no real support, and may even get criticism.

We KNOW how you feel! SO, Ivana and I have put our heads together and we’ve come up with a perfect solution!


CPA Drill Coaching Club

Is A Fast Track Mentoring Program Where WE Will Personally Aid 50 Struggling Marketers From A Standing Still Position To 6 Figures… Within One Year

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Go from ZERO to Marketing hero in just 30 days from now – why try to figure it all out when you can get access to two bona fide 6 figure marketers, who can help you avoid any pitfalls?

The specific plan we use in our business that brings us passive income even while we sleep - this full blown plan will automate your business so you don’t have to do more than 1-2 hours of “work” per day.

All the benefits of one-to-one coaching, without the associated costs – Coaching can be expensive, but with group coaching, you get all the benefits of having access to experts, at a much lower price.

Direct access to us – we will answer any questions and queries you have via a weekly email response. Not only that, you’ll be invited to join us at our monthly webinar where you can see what your fellow CPA Drill entrepreneurs have been up to, learn insights and implement the latest tips and tactics that bring in $$$$.

The EXACT blueprint that made Ivana generate $134,280.40 in the past year!

In 90 Days from now, you can become a true inspirational marketing authority – we’ll shortcut your learning, so that in less than 3 months, you’ll be an expert.

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Ask Any Question, Ask For Our Advice, Ask Us What We Would Do In A Situation..

We Can Reveal The Secrets, Tactics And Strategies To Help You
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You Have Just 2 Options


Go it alone

Get confused and frustrated when you hit a bump in the road

Become overwhelmed and lost with information overload

Risk giving up on making money online, and stay in the same soul-crushing 9-5 job till you retire

Lose time and money on testing and trial and error


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Receive a clear cut path from Newbie to $6 Figures within 12 months

Copy and paste only what works – save time and money on figuring it out by yourself

We reveal what’s making us $10,000+ per month in passive profits right now, just rinse and repeat

Create a genuine ‘laptop lifestyle’ and work just 1-2 hours a day – it’s easy when there’s no trial and error!

We Have Space For Only 50 Protégés In 2018

Why? We would love to help everybody! But:

We don’t physically have the time or energy to help hundreds of people

We don’t think it’s fair to current members as it will mean our focus and attention is diluted

We can only take on just 50 more members, who will enjoy our coaching and undivided attention

This is on a strict first come first served basis – you may never get this opportunity again to be coached by two elite 6 figure marketers

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